CSR Objectives

KPC has strategically implemented CSR which has enhanced the Company's image thereby creating great public goodwill from those living along the pipeline.CSR is about capacity building for sustainable livelihoods. It respects cultural differences and finds the business opportunities in building the skills of employees, the community and the government", In a nutshell, CSR is about business "giving back to society"

KPC supports initiatives/projects that provide sustainable solutions to the most pressing social challenges

KPC's CSR Objectives

  1. To give back to the community by assisting the disadvantaged:

  2. As a Company that has benefited from tax payers money we are obligated to support community initiatives.

  3. To identify with the public and foster goodwill towards the Company: KPC relies on Communities along the Right of Way to protect the pipeline and it is therefore critical that those communities and the public in general have a positive picture of the Company.

  4. To support ongoing national advocacy initiatives :

  5. There are numerous national campaigns that need support to have a greater impact e.g. HIV/AIDS, environment and health and sanitation campaigns.

  6. Create awareness about the company and build its public profile:

  7. To build a strong KPC brand, the Company must be seen to have a human face.

Funding Guidelines

KPC’s specific funding areas are education, health, water, Environment, sports and natural disasters.

What We Fund

KPC concentrates its donations in areas outlined in its CSR Policy.

How are proposals submitted?

Proposals should be submitted to KPC either by post or via email.

Our Projects

KPC’s strategic directions are in line with Vision 2030 which emphasizes on Economic empowerment, Education, Environment, Health, water, Sports and Natural disasters. View CSR projects