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This Sessional Paper sets out the national policies and strategies for the energy sector that are aligned to the new Constitution and are in tandem with the Vision 2030.

Kenya Vision 2030 (the Vision) is a long-term development blueprint which aims at transforming the country into a globally competitive, newly industrialized, middle income and prosperous country. The Vision seeks to ensure a high quality of life to all citizens in a clean and secure environment by 2030. The objectives of the Vision have been adopted as GoK’s national development objectives.

The Vision has identified Short, Medium and Long-term strategies aimed at transforming the social and economic well-being of its citizens. Among the Short-term strategies was the enactment of a New Constitution. The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 has drastically and substantially altered the governance structure of the country. It has also enhanced participation by the citizens in decision making processes. This has necessitated the need to review the energy sector framework in order to align it with the new constitutional dispensation.

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