Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) Strengthens Ties with Rwanda in a Landmark Forum


In a forum aimed at bolstering its presence in the Rwandan market, the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) has taken a step forward. Under the leadership of Managing Director Joe Sang, KPC has made a strategic move to expand its market share for petroleum products in Rwanda. This initiative underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to satisfying the demands of its customers.

The forum, a testament to KPC’s dedication, was graced by the presence of two prominent ministers from the Rwandan government. Dr. Jimmy Gasore, Minister of Infrastructure, and Jean Chrysostome Ngabitsinze, Minister of Trade and Industry. Their attendance signified the importance of the partnership between KPC and the Rwandan government.

Joe Sang, Managing Director of KPC, in his remarks said, “we at KPC are fully committed to delivering excellence and reliability to our customers. Our engagement with the Rwandan market is a clear indication of our dedication to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our stakeholders. This forum is just the beginning of a strengthened partnership that promises growth and prosperity for all involved.”

Dr. Jimmy Gasore, Rwanda’s Minister of Infrastructure, stated, “the collaboration with KPC is a strategic alignment that supports Rwanda’s vision for petroleum security and economic development. We are pleased to see such initiatives that contribute to the robustness of our economy and the efficiency of our petroleum sector.”

Jean Chrysostome Ngabitsinze, Rwanda’s Minister of Trade and Industry, added, “today’s forum with KPC is a milestone for Rwanda’s trade and industry sectors. It is through partnerships like these that we can ensure a steady supply of petroleum products, which is crucial for the growth of our industries and the economy at large.”

The forum also saw the participation of representatives from various Rwandan oil marketing firms, alongside representatives from Asharami Energy and Galana Energies Limited from Kenya. This collective effort marks a new chapter in the regional petroleum sector, promising enhanced cooperation and mutual benefits for both Kenya and Rwanda.

As KPC continues to forge ahead, the company remains dedicated to its mission of being a leader in the provision of reliable, safe, and efficient petroleum transportation and storage services. This event is a clear indicator of KPC’s role as a pivotal player in the East African petroleum landscape, poised to drive forward the region’s economic engine.