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Pomp and Colour marks KPC’s Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) Launch

Pomp and colour marked the launch of KPC’s single-mode fibre (SMF) at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi and was attended by the who is who in the tech world.
The SMF runs from Mombasa (Kipevu Oil Terminal) to Nairobi, Kisumu through Eldoret and is laid alongside the oil pipeline.
The firm is targeting telcos such as Safaricom, Airtel, Jamii Telco Ltd among others for last mile connectivity.
The product was initiated in 2018 under a tier 2 network infrastructure license awarded by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) has seen the company enter the lucrative FIbre Optic Cable (FOC) space in a bid to tap into the growing demand for internet and diversify its revenue base.
The realization of this dream is in conformity with the Company’s Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) dubbed Vision 2025; Business Leadership Pillar, which advocates for onboarding of new projects in a bid to diversify the company’s revenue streams.
The ICT Cabinet Secretary Mr. Joe Mucheru who presided over the launch lauded KPC for the move saying the firm has set a foundation for others to emulate as the country races to boost its digital offerings. “I urge other companies like Kenya Power and Ketraco who have the ‘right of way’ to venture into fibre optic cable to improve the country’s internet infrastructure,’’ said Mucheru.
He said cost of internet cost is a barrier to innovation, adding that the government is working with the telecoms to ensure quality and affordability.
KPC Board Chair Rita Okuthe said unlike others FOC’s, KPC’s fibre optic cable is free of intrusion. “Our cables are laid underground alongside the oil pipelines that is under 24 hours surveillance and therefore not prone to vandalism. We are therefore free of downtime”, she said.
Ms. Okuthe said KPC is aligned to the Government’s development agenda of transforming Kenya into a middle-income country. The Fibre Optics and the Competency-based training under Morendat Institute of Training (MIOG) aims to catapult the company to be one of the largest, dominant, efficient, most competitive, and successful entities in the country and the region.
“Just as we transport petroleum in bulk and let the OMCs do the last mile, KPC will be transporting data in bulk and allow our customers to do the last mile connectivity,” she added.
KPC Managing Director Macharia Irungu said the agency will always leverage on every opportunity to prudently invest. He said one such opportunity was identified in the provision of ICT infrastructure, the Fibre Optic Cable. Our eyes are currently trained elsewhere and soon, we will lay an assault”, He said.
Dr. Macharia added that just like in the pipeline business where KPC enables economic growth through fueling the economy, by investing in fiber optics, the Company is contributing to internet connectivity across the country in support of Government agenda of improving internet availability across the country.
Dr. Macharia added that KPC’s FOC will give Kenyans reliable internet connection and contribute to the digitization and development of the country.
He said KPC would soon venture into Solar Energy space.

Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) Director General Ezra Chiloba said connectivity has become a basic need for survival, adding that 96.4% of Kenyans are connected to voice, 3 G and 4 G networks.
Internet access and connectivity is a key enabler for socio-economic transformation. KPC charges USD 22 per kilometer in addition to a USD 200 installation fee per site with a contract duration between 5,10,15, 20, and 25 years.
KPC FOC competitive advantage is anchored on the following:
• Highest Quality Standard connectivity through our Single Mode Fiber which transmit data over longer distances,
• Proven track record with some of the largest data carriers and telcos choosing the FOC as their backbone due to its reliability. These include Safaricom, JTL and Wananchi.
• Enviable service restoration time that is at par with international contractual standards.
• Biggest fibre cable in Kenya by core count with a 96-core cable running from Mombasa to Eldoret and Kisumu.
• High uptime and availability due to tight security of KPC’s right of way where the cable passes through and therefore minimal fibre cuts.
• Flexible design that allows cable interception and integration to add and drop off data traffic along the cable route for customers on a need basis.
• Commendable infrastructure and capacity to cater for client Equipment colocation and maintenance services.

Currently, the KPC existing fibre optics cable infrastructure consists of segments between the following localities:
• Mombasa-Nairobi 96 No. Of Cores
• Nairobi-Sinendet 192 No. Of Cores
• Sinendet-Eldoret 96 No. Of Cores
• Sinendet-Kisumu 96 No. Of Cores
KPC slogan for the product is “redefining connectivity” and this simply means that any customers can enjoy access internet connection without any bandwidth bottleneck.
The Company further intends to continuously enhance customer experience through stakeholder engagements to enable potential local and regional customers make informed decisions.