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The State Department of Petroleum was created in November 2015 following government reorganization which saw the elevation of the Ministry’s Petroleum Directorate. The State Department is under the Principal Secretary for Petroleum Mr Andrew Kamau. The Petroleum Directorate is headed by Commissioner for Petroleum who reports to the Principal Secretary for Petroleum. The current Head is Mr. Martin Heya. READ MORE…

The Directorate was carved off from the larger Geo-exploration department in April 2010 and given the mandate of spearheading all petroleum operation programmes in the country including policy formulation, review of fiscal, legal and regulatory framework, monitoring and supervision of oil and gas exploration, development and production activities.


To explore, develop and produce the petroleum reserves existing in the country’s sedimentary basins for sustainable national economic development and wealth creation.


To enhance self-sufficiency and security supply of petroleum products for reduction of total Import Bill and to increase foreign currency reserves thereof spurring industrial development and equitable improvement of the standards of living of Kenyan citizens.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop conducive petroleum policies, legal and regulatory framework to attract increased investments in the country’s petroleum sector.
  2. Continuously build national capacity in petroleum sector to progressively increase local content capabilities in the petroleum sector for prudent management of the country’s petroleum resources for long term optimal benefits and value addition to the country.