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As part of the company’s endeavour to mainstream staff affairs in its daily activities, KPC today launched the Man Enough program.
The program aims at celebrating the male gender by highlighting their role in driving success, as well as the issues affecting them in the company. The Program also allows the company to take time to recognise and honour men male employees. The focus will be on men’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality and highlighting positive male role models in Kenya Pipeline Company.
Additionally, the program will provide an opportunity for KPC’s male fraternity to celebrate their achievements and contribution to community and national development.
Speaking during the function, KPC Director Ken Wathome said for a long time, men have taken their mental health for granted. “Indeed, men have been known to take their physical and mental health for granted. The situation is aggravated by cultural and social beliefs such as ‘Men must be tough, Men don’t need counselling,’ or ‘Mwanaume ni kung’ang’ana’. I want to use this opportunity to encourage all the men here and by extension our sons, to take their physical and mental health seriously”, he said.
He added: “When men play their God given role, the power that emanates from them is incredible,”
Director Wathome appealed to male staff to register for the program and play their God given right in their homes, at work and in building the country.
“With this program, I assure you we will be trailblazers as well as shining example in being man enough,” he added.

Addressing staff from Kenpipe Plaza, Nairobi during the launch that was streamed live companywide, KPC MD Dr Macharia Irungu said, KPC’s Man Enough Program is not only intended to improve men’s Welfare, but to celebrate and recognize their cultural, socio-economic, and political achievements.
“The program will create an avenue for constructive open dialogues between each other for greater understanding and tolerance. This will result in building solid professional and personal aspirations for men,” he added.
Dr. Macharia said the company was ready to sponsor all male employees and encouraged them to register for the program, which will have an initial cohort of 100 men.
General Manager (HR&A), Nyambura Kimani highlighted that men comprise 66% of the organization, and hailed the program saying it would go a long way in enhancing not only company productivity but also men’s lives, both personally and at the workplace.
Director Chege Mwangi said the Board supports the program and pledged to walk with the male employees. The launch was also graced by Director Iltasayon Neepe

Kenya Petroleum Workers Union (KPOWU) Secretary General, Mr. George Okoth thanked the company for the program, emphasizing that men must know their purpose.
“I believe that this program will enhance productivity in the company,” he added.
The program to run for 8 weeks targets all male staff in the company and will be facilitated by renowned motivational speaker, Pastor Simon Mbevi.

Encouraging men to attend the program, he said 30,000 men had undergone training ranging from 18-88 years.
He said men were facing many problems because of fatherhood crisis, neglect of the boy/man, breakdown of structured socialization among others.

KPC male staff members dressed in Made in Kenya (African attire) in during the launch of the Man Enough Program at Kenpipe Gardens