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Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas’ has produced its inaugural online graduates in basic firefighting after a successful two weeks training. The course was delivered with the aid of MIOG smart classroom technology in Nairobi. The technology which was installed in 2019 is designed to revolutionise oil and gas skills training in the East African region.
The 45 graduates, all employees of KPC, became the first beneficiaries of emerging technologies teaching platforms that knows no physical boundaries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Course Coordinator Dennis Azenga told Kenpipe News that the new normal brought about by the coronavirus reality compelled MIOG to embrace online competency-based education with 30% theory and 70% practical. He said the institute plans to leverage more on technology to carry out its programmes as envisaged.
“I am very excited and encouraged to realize that online training can be carried out successfully in a practical oriented environment. The online platform did not disappoint as the reception from both ends were clear and audible,” said Azenga adding that the training was an eye opener on the multiple online options.

“Besides providing an excellent training environment and convenience, online training is also cost effective thus attractive and pocket friendly especially now when the pandemic has grossly affected lives and livelihoods around the world,” he observed.
Nathan Mwakio, the lead trainer, expressed optimism in increased firefighting training along other courses once the situation normalizes. He said that the two methodologies will run concurrently to attract more trainees for the institute which is Africa’s third largest oil and gas school.
“The two programmes will complement each other, and the prospects are bright going forward,” Mwakio, who doubles as one of KPC’s Safety Officers told Kenpipe News.
The trainees expressed satisfaction with the quality of training adding that they were excited to see each other from remote locations.
“The sessions were very interactive and the training content quite relevant. I also found the trainer well-versed with the training content which has incredibly boosted our capacity to fight fires,” said one of the trainees.
The smart classroom technology which is based on 21st century learning skills widely adopted in Europe and USA is built around the “Think – Communicate – Act” model and is set to entrench relevance in local oil and gas skills training by bridging the skills gap between theory and practice.
“This new technology is bound to significantly raise the standard of local skills through presentations, digital lessons, on-screen simulations, virtual experiments and practical exercises. MIOG now has an opportunity to maintain world-class standards in oil and gas skills development,” said MIOG Director Dr Jonah Aiyabei.