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As part of Culture Change and creation of family camaraderie, Kenya Pipeline Company’s Human Resource Department – Welfare Section, premiered an open day for children of members of staff in Nairobi. The staff brought along their children to work, and several youngsters were mentored by seasoned experts on different disciplines.
The day christened ‘Bring Your Kid to Work Day’ was well received at KPC and is among the various activities the company has lined up to change her culture. Other activities that have been held include celebrating female employees and rewarding staff who have gone beyond duty call.
In a talk titled ‘Effective habits of a teenager’ General Manager, Human Resource and Administration, Ms. Nyambura Kimani observed that KPC Management had noted that in today’s world, parents were struggling with myriad of issues such as, what the future holds for their children, how children can be helped to identify their career paths and have a sense of purpose.
She said as a result, the burdensome role of charting out the career path for the young ones has been bridled with acrimony. “A consultative approach in which negotiations are employed is the way out. Both the guide and the guided must unanimously agree on the right path”, she advised.
An expert on human resource management, Ms. Nyambura was candid with the children on the need to learn first-hand skills that are required in today’s workplace. She challenged them to critic the likes and dislikes of their ‘workday’, explore career options in a practical way and gain a better understanding of the career choices available to them.
“Spending a day in KPC will enable you understand what your parents go through to put food on the table and this should motivate you to work hard in school” Ms. Nyambura added.
On matters adolescence, Ms. Nyambura said the youth should be counseled to effectively deal with the normal developmental tasks of adolescence and face life situations boldly. She challenged the children to utilize their time properly and be careful on where and with whom they hang out with in a bid to guard their sexuality.
“Parents should prepare their children for the future by discussing work experiences with them, beginning a career discussion based on actual experiences and enriching the children’s experiences with discussions before, during and after the workplace visit/bonding. This day will help narrow down children’s purpose and motivations”. She added.
The class 8 to form four 4 students were also taken through presentations on KPC’s mandate to enable them to understand the importance of an oil pipeline in the country and globally. Each of the speakers who addressed the participants highlighted major sectors that are important in the pipeline business.

Among the key areas of presentation was Supply Logistics in which the children were enlightened on the processes of receiving petroleum product and scheduling distribution of the same to Oil Marketing Companies.
Eng. Lucy Kariuki urged the youngsters to seriously consider science subjects if they desired to be engaged by KPC. She said the company was predominantly an engineering-based organization and therefore many opportunities are within the science sphere.
“I encourage you but mostly ladies not to shy away from sciences. Avoid the stereotypes that science is a male domain and put all effort so that you can either join us or replace us here” she added.
The key message for the day was the importance of education, skills development and training while giving the children a glimpse into the working world and the variety of career opportunities available to them.
The showstopper for the 82 students who attended the function was a bird’s eye-view of the Tank Farm from the 7th Floor of Kenpipe Plaza.