All oil products are transported in a single line at intervals or in batches. The task of ensuring that the products are not contaminated is of great essence. To ensure this, the Company has a Quality Control Section whose role is to guarantee quality assurance of all products transported through the pipeline.

There are different sources of petroleum products contamination, which the company must guard against. KPC has well equipped laboratories backed by qualified staff whose responsibility is to carry out quality analysis of the received products. In this regard, KPC has over the years demonstrated its ability to deliver quality petroleum products that conform to National and International specifications. The Company has its own Quality Control laboratories at entry and delivery points, and has also constructed an ultra-modern laboratory at Mombasa, which has been contracted to an independent operator to achieve the desired independence. The laboratories use international (American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and (Institute of Petroleum (IP) standards in testing the products for different quality characteristics. Re-certification testing is done on petroleum products at the receiving stations before issuing the products back to the oil marketing companies. KPC participates in Inter-laboratory Cross Check program on testing of Jet A-1 coordinated by ASTM to benchmark with other laboratories across the world. In its effort to exceed customer requirements, the Quality Control section is preparing for compliance to ISO/IEC 17025 standard requirements and later will seek accreditation to the standard to enhance quality assurance of petroleum products.